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Great WebSite Makers Privacy Policy

Your data is hundred per cent safe and secure. Whatever information is sought from you is given complete attention. Great Website Makers understands and respects your privacy, which is protected to the highest extent. Users are advised to go through this particular section prior to your use of the website and understand how PW uses as well as protects all important information. We may change the privacy policy when the situation demands. We request our users to stay up to date and go through this section quite often and be assured of certain changes..


The website keeps an eye on non-personally identifiable information of users in various ways. It tracks down activities of users through Internet Protocol (IP) address, operating system, your preferences, computer settings, saved options, most-recently visited URL and browser settings.

What Types Of Information Does Great WebSite Makers Gather About Its Users?

Your each and every activity is well monitored by your system. Some of the information of the website that you view gets stored on the computer, which ultimately helps you next time you use the same computer. It is known as a cookie. It does not pose any threat to your privacy or steal any information or invade your hard drive. Cookies help you navigate websites pretty simple. Users can use cookies or opt out to block them depending on needs.

How Great WebSite Makers Uses And Processes User Communications?

Individual users may opt-out of receiving specific mailings by selecting appropriate boxes throughout our Web site. Unless otherwise agreed to by electronic signature, information about you is not shared with outside organizations or sold to any other 3rd parties. Although we deploy leading technology to protect against misuse of your information and encourage our business partners and affiliates to maintain the highest standards we do not have control over information not directly relating to our site.

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